Building health with care

The mission of the Marela Children’s Foundation is straight-forward: to promote health care and health education to the children, women, and the disadvantaged of the Dominican Republic.

We also hope that our mission will further support the peace, meaningful development, and sustained and cherished relationship that exists between the people of the United States and the Dominican Republic.

The need for proper health care in the Dominican Republic is critical. In numerous communities, children, women, and the disadvantaged face life-threatening risks due to unavailable or inadequate health care facilities and services — lacking access to the treatment of emergency, acute, and chronic illnesses — as well as forgoing proper maternal, prenatal and child health care; immunizations from disease; proper nutrition and diets; and preventive health care education and practices.

A child in the Dominican Republic is six times more likely to die before the age of two than a child in the United States; a mother there faces a 30 times greater risk of dying during childbirth than a mother giving birth in the United States.

Project HOPE

Juan López polyclinic restoration

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In February 2018, The Marela Children’s Foundation was formed and set to work on its first project: the restoration of the Juan López polyclinic — a community health care clinic in the Juan Lopez Arriba district of Moca.



The (Marela Children’s) Foundation came to the Juan Lopez Arriba Polyclinic Center showing us the need for decent facilities to care for our patients as well as having sufficient technical means that are essential to bring quality health for all. We’re grateful and privileged to have your collaboration.”

Dr. Wendy Elena Tejada Rivas
Assistant Doctor, NPC of Juan López